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Hiring a professional for the attic insulation job in your home in Detroit, MI translates to high-quality output. This is because professional contractors are backed by experience, skills, and proper equipment. In the same way, letting professionals do the job also ensures your safety, saves you time, and is actually more cost-efficient in the long run.

Attic insulation is just one of the elements in your Detroit, MI home you should give utmost importance. As you know, the attic is one of the major passageways of energy between your home and the outside environment. Either you improve the ventilation and temperature, or, you waste so much energy by allowing unnecessary heat transfer to take place in your attic.

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Attic Insulation Detroit MI

Why Insulate the Attic?

The attic is a common feature in most Detroit, MI homes, particularly the older ones. It supposedly helps regulate the temperature inside your home by containing a mass of slow-moving air. The hot air that rises from the lower floors or areas of your home is usually retained in the attic.

The attic also aids in ventilating and circulating air inside your home. This improves air quality and prevents moisture buildup that may lead to mold growth.

To improve the comfort level inside

Attics are sometimes used as a storage area for seasonal stuff in most Detroit, MI households. While some convert them into extra rooms for guests or as study areas. This paved the way for attic insulation, which helps improve the comfort level in this space.

Prevents energy wastage

Furthermore, attic insulation also defers loss of energy by preventing unnecessary heat transfer to take place. It keeps the rising hot air from dissipating outside your home during winter and makes your Detroit, MI uncomfortably cold.

Decrease heating costs

Attic insulation helps keep you from cranking up the heater too high which makes your electricity bills skyrocket during winter. It becomes a barrier to preventing loss of warm air, confining them instead in your home.

To keep pests away

Attic insulation can also help seal potential areas for pests like rodents to go inside your home.

Why Choose Spray Foam to Insulate the Attic?

The attic is a critical space in your home that can impact the way you consume energy inside your Detroit, MI home. Adding attic insulation can help you confine the conditioned air, improve indoor air quality, and decrease heating and cooling costs.

Spray foam insulation is the best choice for attic insulation because of the following:

  • High R-value

    Spray foam provides the highest R-value per square area of space, allowing your Detroit, MI home to comply with the Department of Energy’s insulation requirements. Attic insulation made of spray foam is effective in preventing unnecessary heat transfer between the inside space and outside environment.

  • Versatile and Flexible

    Spray foam is workable in any type of space. It does not sag so you can apply it in suspended beams. It also expands to up to 4 times its original volume so that it can fill hard-to-reach spaces. You can also easily control its thickness to reach the desired R-value.

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