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Why you should have insulation removal conducted in your Detroit, MI property may depend on many reasons. You might be doing retrofitting or renovation, experiencing moisture problems, or encountering water leaks in the areas in the building envelope like the attic and walls. Getting a professional insulation removal service provides you with a host of advantages in terms of cost savings, fast turnaround, and quality assurance.

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Reasons for Insulation Removal

Insulation removal can either be a minor or major project, depending on the size of the space or the type of material involved. In the same way, it becomes necessary if you encounter one or more of the following situations in your Detroit, MI home or building:

  • Moisture-related problems

    The presence of mold and mildew is a definitive sign of moisture problem at home. It is caused by a lack of ventilation and problems regarding insulation. Mold and mildew problems are not limited to their presence in the food left on the counter; they also rot your furniture, cause mushrooms to sprout inside your home, and worst, cause health problems to you and your family.

    If you experience mold and mildew growth, check if your insulation is still doing its job. The insulation contractor might need to do insulation removal in your Detroit, MI property to check for problems underneath the insulation.

  • Updating old insulation

    If you just acquired an old home, one of the major things to check is the condition of its insulation system. Ensuring that the insulation is in tip-top shape can improve its comfort level and helps you consume energy more efficiently.

    An insulation contractor can properly assess the actual condition of existing insulation. For old homes in Detroit, MI, it is recommended that we conduct insulation removal first before installing a new one in place. This allows us to check the bare space and address all issues to avoid potential problems.

  • The walls or the attic experience water leaks

    Though some insulation materials like spray foam are naturally-resistant to moisture, a major water leak will damage them.

    Water leaks usually happen in the ceiling/or attic or walls. These same areas are usually installed with insulation, and encountering mold growth and water leaks are clear signs that insulation removal is a must-do in your Detroit, MI home.

    After removing the damaged insulation, we will check the wall, ceiling, or attic for holes or cracks where the water passes through. All passageways of water leaks must be sealed before installing new insulation.

Why Hire Detroit Spray Foam Insulation?

If you have spray foam insulation in your Detroit, MI property, getting a professional to do insulation removal is highly recommended. As you know, spray foam adheres strongly to the surface, making it hard to remove once in place. Also, there are some health risks involved in removing spray foam, thus, requiring some equipment and safety gear, which you may not have.

Here are the reasons why you should hire a professional like us:

Work efficiency

As professionals, our team has the skills to accomplish the job faster and more accurately.

Access to proper and complete equipment

Using proper tools and equipment allows us to finish the job more efficiently. It is not practical that you to buy them on your own for a one-time or seasonal task like insulation removal.

Cost efficiency

We will take care of everything and guarantee the effectiveness of our services. This relieves you of the stress of taking care of everything, saves you time from doing the job yourself, and saves you from costly mistakes due to inexperience. Overall, getting us means cost efficiency on your end.


We give our team safety training to conduct the insulation removal without risking your health and theirs. Alongside, we also provide safety equipment and gear for our team so they can focus on the quality of their job instead.

Insulation Removal Detroit MI

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