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Crawl spaces serve several purposes for your Detroit, MI home. It elevates the flooring so your belongings are safe from floods. Keeping the flooring off the ground also decreases the chance of pests entering your home. And also, the crawl space is the home of your plumbing and electrical pipes and systems. Overall, crawl space insulation helps you make the most out of this space and not make it interfere with efficient energy consumption inside your home.

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Crawl Space Insulation Detroit MI Spray Foam
Crawl Space Insulation Detroit Michigan

Why Insulate Crawl Spaces?

A crawl space is an unfinished space and is low in terms of height; you might need to crawl on your knees to access it. However, being an unlivable space does not mean it is not that important. In fact, not adding crawl space insulation may pose a host of problems like high heating and cooling costs, uncomfortably cold floors, frozen pipes, and excessive moisture buildup.

To increase your home’s energy efficiency

Being a huge area in your Detroit, MI home, the floors, which are situated on top of the crawl space, have a major impact on its energy consumption. Leaving it with no or ineffective crawl space insulation allows you to lose both hot and cold air during extreme seasons like summer and winter. In turn, this will make you crank up your heating and cooling units, causing you to consume more energy.

The Energy Protection Agency or EPA mentioned up to 15% savings on your electricity bill by keeping the temperature inside your home regulated.

To keep pests from crawling inside your home

Since it is built over bare ground, ground pests like rodents inevitably make it their home. As they scavenge on food, they may end up passing through floor gaps or chew their way in.

Crawl space insulation can keep pests from going inside your Detroit, MI home. It adds a layer of protection or a barrier.

To keep pipes and wires from freezing

Adding crawl space insulation helps warm the area and regulate the temperature inside. This decreases the risk of the water pipes freezing which may cause them to burst.

Why Use Spray Foam in Crawl Spaces?

Spray foam insulation is one of the best choices for crawl spaces. It is easy to apply, is pretty flexible to use in any area, does not absorb moisture, air seals the space, and is made of non-food grade material.

  • It air seals the space

    Using spray foam as crawl space insulation means the insulation material can fill in even the minutest gaps, nooks, and other hard-to-reach areas. This closes any unnecessary air passageways that allow for heat transfer and causes temperature variations in your Detroit, MI home, disrupting your comfort.

  • It is fire resistant

    Since it is home to your Detroit, MI home’s main wiring system, adding crawl space insulation improves its safety, particularly from fire. Spray foam is a fire-resistant material and is safe to use around wiring systems.

  • It is moisture resistant

    Hardened spray foam comes in a dense material that does not pass through moisture. This keeps excessive moisture from the ground from penetrating your home through the floors. Spray foam can be applied on the floor underside to help keep moisture from the ground from penetrating.

Crawl Space Insulation Detroit MI

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